Lord Liberty

We live in a Liberty camper from Lord Munster Caravan.  Lord Münsterland Caravan – short LMC – started in 1955, they made caravansseries like Knospe, Münsterland, Luxus, Münsterland-Dominant Lord and the  Lord Exquisit. In 1986 they started with the  Liberty-alcovecampers. Our camper dates from 1989. 

We bought the camper in october 2019 and redecorated it. A lot of paint, new bathroom sink, new curtains. We did not have money to do an entire refurnishing. But it’s ok like this.

Technical things

The camper is build on a Peugeot J5 diesel.

We have a solar panel and LPG gas for cooking so we can stay anywhere and do not depend on electricity. 


Before and after

I love before and after pictures! So here are ours! The former owner had put some text stickers on the cabinets, when I took them of the varnish came of, a good reason to paint the interior. Ha!

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