15 days to go. It’s a sluggish february, the weather is mainly gray and wet with a lot of wind. A perfect time to get depressed. I’m not depressed. But I do feel a bit lost. Most of the cupboards in our house are empty and the camper is still at the garage, a company is installing our solarpanel and LPG installation, after a lot of thinking and sorting out how we could instal it ourselves and after a lot of doubt and hesitation, we decided that it would be a better idea to let someone do it who knows what he is doing. We are no electricity hero’s.. It could have been fixed in a day, but since the company is a official installer, they want to do everything by the book. And they ran into some wiring and elements that needed to be fixed, which will cost us a lot extra. Roy went to see what was wrong, the man explained it and he could see why it needed to be fixed. So we agreed and now the camper is already more than a week in the garage. We had to wait, it’s almost spring and other camperowners also wake up and want their campers to be up to date. The plan was to pick it up today, but helas, nope, not ready yet.

I try to work, but after some hours accounting, which isn’t my favorite passtime to say at the least, I closed the laptop and started to do little chores in the house, wash the windows, remove old paint from windows. Things that aren’t really important, but I want to touch the house. It is this strange habit people have, to clean their house before they go on holiday, so when you come back home you come back in a happy house. But this time our son Abel will stay and we will be away for more then just 3 weeks, and all I can think is: I hope it will not be an utter mess when we return. I do have somewhat difficulty with letting go. We have lived in this house for 19 years now, we never really really liked it, allthough it is a good house, but we don’t have a garden. We live two stories up. Often I feel locked up in a cage and when I look outside I do not feel the urge to explore and enjoy the garbage of the stupid neighbours that are to lazy to put their garbage in the underground container. Lately most of the time I write and write, also because I want to publish more e-books.

So this week I feel like in a timevoid, in a vacuum, sort of paralised, we have sold the trailer, we have sold the car, I launched my e-cookbook two weeks ago and it sells good, there’s not so much to do anymore. Roy┬áis going to mount a roof box on the camper, there is still some painting to do. The little bookcase I painted has to installed in the alkove. And I think we are ready then!


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