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Have you ever seen Marie Kondo television show, where they take out all the stuff peope have, and you wonder, why do people keep so much stuff? We have a hangar/studio where Roy worked, it’s huge, he works there with 8 other people, and over the last 12 years almost everything that left our house, didn’t go to the thriftshop, but to ‘de Loods’, the studio. And this morning, I was kind of in shock about us, did we really have this much stuff? Yes we do!

We want to stop paying rent for the storage and so we organised a jumble sale for friends and family. I didn’t expect we could fill up more then 4 large tables. But yes we did create our own jumble sale. A collegue of ‘de Loods’ also sold his old stuff, but it wasn’t half as much as we had. Pfff. How are we going to do this? Today around 20 people visited the jumble sale and they all bought some things. It was a good day, three of my sisters visited, which was quite a surprise as they do not live nearby. And they helped with breaking up the sale at the end of the day. Now we have about four boxes less stuff. But still it is about 6m3. Tooo much! This tuesday a man will come to pick up a lot of our stuff, to give to charity and to sell for him self. And then what’s left will go to the thrift shop.

Next week Sjoerd, the collegue from ‘de Loods’ will take some of our stuff to a big fleemarket to try and sell it. That’s so great!


We also discovered that a friend of us also wants to leave the Netherlands, to go abroad. And that we are an inspiration for him, and others. For me it’s more like: “O my god, what are we going to do??” I’m really not sure. Like all people say who already live in a camper, or took the step to live abroad: “Do not think too much, just do it.”

And we are getting closer, month by month.

Our son graduated last week from college, which is great! He has got his bacheler’s degree and we are superproud of him! He did it all by himself. Now he is going to look for a job, and as soon he has that, we can go and look for other people to rent rooms in our house, so we can leave and go and live in a camper. The camper. What about the camper? Yes, well, I will tell you in the next blog, because there is progress…

For now: the next week will be all about getting rid of everything that I once thought (and secretly I still do) were treasures.